Thursday, February 19, 2015

From Lo Loughner

Dear Wendy,

It is your 50th birthday, and when I think about you, your heart, and your life I need to share how much I am grateful to our dear Lord for you and the blessings and gift you are and have been to me and my life.

Your unfailing steadfast friendship, support, care, and love of me has deeply impacted my heart, Wendy. You always send words of encouragement right at the right time when I have been in doubt of the Lord's faithfulness, or been confused about things in my life which do not make sense to me.

I cannot begin to express in words how grateful I am to your sensitivity and to your heart towards our Lord and to me, and your commitment to Him and me as you take the time to send yours and His encouragement in the midst of all the things you have on your plate at any given moment. Whenever you hear of a need I have you are usually the first one to respond and share your desire to help in any way you can, and always willing to pray. I am so grateful to you and your committed heart to serve and help me and others in such relentless practical ways.

Your unfailing steadfast friendship, support, care, and love of others has deeply encouraged my life with others too, regarding your life example as reminders of how to love others in my life when I grow weary ...with God always reminding me how to love through an example of what is going on in your life right at the right time when I just feel done and ready to give up on someone. You are a true example of what Jesus calls us to, in how to serve and love Him and others without expecting or wanting anything in return. You capacity to love and your steadfast faithfulness to me and others bears and has bore great fruit in my heart and then in the lives of others in my life as you and your life example encourages me to love as Jesus loves.

And your joy and humor blesses my socks off, I must say! Your sweet presence and the aroma of Jesus you carry, in all of His and your Love of others, the Joy in your Humorous ways, Gentleness, Patience, Kindness, Goodness and Faithfulness you and He pour out upon me and others forever impacts us in beautiful and priceless ways, in the ways only He can move when one is so humbly submitted to Him in the ways you are, dear friend. Thank you!

I celebrate you and your life with our Jesus and our Papa in Heaven, and with all of your loved ones in great glee on this special day, your 50th birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear sister and friend!



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