Thursday, February 19, 2015

From Liz

My dearest, sweetest, loveliest Wendy lady.

You may be turning 50 but your soul and spirit are 20!

I wanted to send you a little note to tell you how precious you are to me. We have been down a long road together, you and I. I have been through my lowest lows and highest highs to date, in the presence of your friendship.

I have cherished the hours we have spent together serving the Lord, going to Second Harvest, worshipping, sharing, praying, and teaching each other.

I want to try to communicate to you how much you mean to me, though words fall short and are far from the breadth and depth of what I feel.

During our years together - it’s been at least eight - I have seen the Lord do such a work in your life and your heart. I love to watch your love in action.. You are quiet and humble, but your acts of service speak so loud that all around it hear the Lord’s message.

As I have watched you, you have challenged me to be more loving, more humble, and more gracious. I’ll never forget the time you told me, quite casually, when I thought I had messed something up, “There’s grace for you.”

I cannot tell you how your words affected me. There’s grace, forgiveness,, understanding,, love) for me,? In my moments when I mess up, or feel less than others, or beat up by life, or incompetent, there’s grace for me!

I can’t tell you how I’ve used that and said that to myself over the years.. I now give that gift to others and tell them as well,, ““There’s grace for you!” Wendy says so!

I treasure your times of comfort and understanding when I have hit my lowest lows, when all I could do was cry. One time that comes to mind is at the separation from Josh and again as I tried to parent my son, and so many more times I can’t begin to recall them all.

You prayed with me, you comforted me, you loved me, and I felt it. You've been there to soothe physical hurts (stinking shoulder) and emotional and spiritual ones as well. I value your perception of situations and your understanding and graciousness.

You have been there through the high points in my life as well.. My wedding of course! It would not have been complete without your heartfelt and sincere prayer at my wedding, you’re family.

Hannah’s baptism was another amazing time to see your love for me and my family in action.. Your support, your kindness, your care, shine in everything you do.

I knew that I could get through the hard times if I had you in my corner and I knew you would be the first to celebrate me in my all of my joys.

I remember all our times of celebration as well. Whether it be Christmas present wrapping, birthdays, (like today)) Easter in the park, German food, game night and the like, we've had so many great times of fellowship and community.

You have taught me how to truly be the body of Christ - not just His hands and His feet to those in need, but His heart as well.

I love you to the moon and back,
Elizabeth Marymee

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